Honeymoon Potential – Cruising Norway with Hurtigruten

If you’ve been following along with our blog, you already know that we got engaged in Iceland last September. Although we have taken a short break from our travels to frantically plan our wedding together (and by together I mean just Calli), save for some surprises coming up in the new year, we have a honeymoon to plan. Obviously we don’t want our honeymoon to be anything short of an epic adventure, and we are slowly assembling a shortlist of potentially amazing trips that will check something off our bucket list. In fitting style, we felt like we should share our thoughts and ideas with family, friends, and our loyal readers, and who knows, we may even let you decide!

Our second potential adventure is one that most people who know us would find a curious choice. No one we know would ever describe us as the type to take a cruise, however one cruise has always been on our radar –  a cruise along the rugged coast of Norway with Hurtigruten. They first caught our eye with some amazing photos that a couple fellow bloggers took on their amazing adventure on the quest for the Northern Lights. Having both grown up near the water, we both have an affinity towards boats, and we were immediately hooked on the idea of being dazzled by the northern lights, spotting seabirds and whales, and photographic the picturesque villages that dot the coastal fjords of Norway.Vesteralen with backgroung landsacpe

While most cruises have always come off as excuses to gorge oneself with food and lounge in the sun, cruising Norway seems like a different beast altogether. From seeing the magnificent fjords along the more than 2000 km of rugged coastline to witnessing the magic of the Northern lights, these trips seem like they have a different end goal in mind than “just a vacation”. And with excursions like dog-sledding, fishing for and cooking up King Crab, ocean kayaking, and snowmobiling through fresh powder, it seems like you are bound to make memories that will last a lifetime. 20140212_vorausfahrende Schlitten

The other factor that intrigues us about Hurtigruten is their seeming commitment to keeping the tours Norwegian. From the completely Norwegian crew to the local food they pick up each day at the cities they stop in to their characteristically Norwegian excursions (fishing anyone?), everything seems poised on given their passengers the complete Norwegian experience.DSC_8861_1

The final factor that really intrigues us is the potential to cruise during winter. Being from Canada, we love winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing, and the opportunity to combine active winter activities and seeing the Northern Lights for the first time would be a fantastic way to spend part of our winter (also it’s the easiest time for me to get away from work!). There’s also always the possibility of checking a second thing off your bucket list and heading into the Arctic Circle!Northern lights in the Lofoten Islands

How do you feel about cruising in the Winter? Have you ever had an experience like this? Is this something we should have on our honeymoon bucket list? Let us know in the comments below and check out the Hurtigruten site for more details

This post was sponsored by Hurtigruten; however, as always, all opinions and words are our own…also if anyone wants to send us on this trip to experience it firsthand we would jump all over that!

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