Exploring Berlin’s Crazy Street Food Scene

Berlin is a crazy, creative, and unique city – graffiti everywhere, more second-hand stores than you can image, pop-up flea markets, bbq’s in the park – everything and anything can, and will, happen here. This is one of the things that attracted Calli and I back to the city during our travels this fall. So it came as no surprise when I excitedly told Calli I’d discovered what we were going to do the night of our arrival in Berlin – we were going to a pop-up Street Food Market – I’m only lucky she agreed.Berlin---Food-Market---1 Berlin---Food-Market---6

Now this isn’t your average street food market, set along a nice street in tents. This was Berlin style, set in an old market building with whatever seating could be found. Every Thursday from 5-10pm a ton of great street food eateries from around Berlin congregate in Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg for Street Food Thursdays.Berlin---Food-Market---8

We arrived just after 6 and there was no mistaking that this was the place to be. Thousands of people were snacking on delicious treats from around the globe along the street and in the market space on old picnic tables.Berlin---Food-Market---3 Berlin---Food-Market---4 Berlin---Food-Market---5

The options seemed endless and we spent a good 30 minutes walking around looking at all the different cultures and styles represented here. From spaetzle to kimchi tacos to american bbq to homemade cellar beer, the possibilities were endless. We sampled a little of the fare and Calli had a field day taking photos – all the time thinking how great it would be if places like this existed in Canada.Berlin---Food-Market---2 Berlin---Food-Market---7

The logistics: Markthalle Neun Street Food Thursdays run from 5-10pm. The closest public transport is the Gorlitze U-Bahn Station. Prices are very reasonable (e.g. a serving of Spaetzle is 4 Euro, three Mexican tacos for 6 Euro, etc.).

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