Destination Anticipation – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is our first real venture into a more unknown region of Europe, and is one of the few places that we really don’t know what to expect. Only now, just over 15 years removed from the war, is Bosnia really beginning to attract intrepid travelers keen to discover all that this country has to offer. For us, this will also be the first predominantly Muslim country we have been to, and this is something we are definitely intrigued about.

The Old Town and Old Bridge of Mostar

The Old Town and Old Bridge of Mostar

Being that we were unsure about what there was to do and see in this fairly unknown country, we have decided to give ourselves just under two weeks – split evenly between the hubs of Sarajevo and Mostar. We hope this will give us enough time to venture out into the smaller towns and villages and give us an authentic taste of what Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer.

What are we most excited about seeing and doing in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

For Calli, it’s going to be all about bridges in BiH – more specifically the Old Bridge in Mostar (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo (the location of the start of WWI). For Travis, he is most excited about exploring the high-elevation village of Lukomir and witnessing the mixed heritage and culture of Sarajevo.

The traditional Bosniak village of Lukomir.

The traditional Bosniak village of Lukomir.


Have you ever been to Bosnia and Herzegovina? What did you like most?

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