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Bled castle perched high above the lake.

Lake Bled for the Budget Conscious

Stingy, thrifty, frugal, tight-fisted…whatever you call it, there will always be times in life, while traveling or not, where we either can’t …

Potsdam 1

A Sunny Day in Potsdam

Wanting to break up our visit to Berlin, and “escape” the city for a few hours, we decided to make a day-trip …


4 Hours in Copenhagen

As we previously mentioned, our scheduled stopover from Reykjavik to Berlin afforded us the option of a quick visit to Copenhagen. Our …

reykjavik 3

Eclectic Reykjavik

Travis’ food themed post may not have mentioned Reykjavik’s eclectic beauty, Iceland’s largest city has a lot more to offer than delicious …

"XIII" - Inspiration for Jason Bourne?

The Great Brussels Comic Walk

After arriving in Brussels, via our overnight bus from Berlin, at around 7 in the morning (which thankfully was a few hours …

Italy top 10

Italy – Our Top 10

During our nearly one month stay in Italy we were able to visit an array of different regions and cities. To wrap …