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Best of the Balkans

We considered titling this post “Best of the Countries of the Former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, but it just didn’t flow …

Half Way

Half Way Mark

Today, day sixty-one, officially marks the halfway point of our trip. Coincidentally, over breakfast this morning I told Travis I was ready …

Zagreb architecture

Zagreb Top 5

After our rave reviews about Zagreb (here), we thought a bit more detail about our favorite attractions was needed. If you’re like …

kayak 1

Split Kayaking Adventure

On our third day in Split we decided to (finally) get out on the water, something the weather prevented us from doing …

The beautiful walled city

The Many Faces of Dubrovnik

Croatia is definitely one of the hottest destinations for travelers these days, with Dubrovnik, its shining gem, topping many an itinerary. With …