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A tower on the walls

7 Reasons to get to Malta Now!

For even the most well-seasoned North American traveler, Malta is something of an enigma.  Located in the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisia, and …

The LifeStraw measures just over 9 inches long and an inch around

LifeStraw Review and Giveaway

Being from beautiful British Columbia, venturing outdoors is in our blood. From camping to hiking to biking to kayaking, Calli and I …

Looking back at Pier Head from Albert Dock

Wrapping Up in Liverpool

There’s a certain level of pressure that is applied to the last city of any trip. After spending weeks, months, or even …

The structure is strengthened by scaffolding as they determine the best way to stabilize the temples

Gozo – A Busy Day on a Small Island

In addition to zipping around the island, visiting charming fishing villages and medieval fortified cities, we received a lot of recommendations to …