A Brussels Photo Essay

Brussels is a hard city to nail down. Elegant at times, with its beautiful Grand Place and modern European Union headquarters, it also has an unmistakable edge, evident immediately upon deviating from the well trampled tourist path.
Some typically Belgian architecture
The home of the EU
At least they are creative with their graffiti
Although Brussels serves as a gateway to many picturesque towns and villages, including Brugge and its jaw dropping canals, like any large city, Brussels doesn’t share their intimate atmosphere. However what it lacks for in romanticism it makes up for with flavour.
Snow on our last day
A bit rundown, but still beautiful old building
One of many comic walls in a typical neighbourhood
The elegant Grand Place
Brussels is home to a wide variety of tasty treats, including waffles, fries, chocolate and beer, the traditional Belgian delicacies, as well as some surprisingly delicious ethnic restaurants. During our five days we were able to sample some amazing Falafel and Indian curries, which provided a healthy break from our daily dose of waffles for breakfast and fries for dinner.
Splurging on an amazing waffle
Hot mulled wine…still a no for us

Surprisingly, the Belgian people don’t appear to be plagued with obesity the way we are in North America -  if they are, they are doing a great job of hiding it. However we seemed immune to this phenomenon and took leave after five days for the good of our waistbands.

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